Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Something You Should Know

Today, I was thinking about just how transparent I should be here. On one hand, I think I should maintain this totally anonymous made-up persona because it might be fun to pretend to be someone else. On the other hand, I think maybe I should be the real me and show the world just how f'n crazy I really am.

I'm not the most creative person in the world so chances are, pretending to be someone else would probably only last another 3 or 4 posts at most. So, we will go with "real." You and Siri can continue to call me Queen B simply because I like it.

One thing you should know is I am modestly cocky. I throw out this "I'm always right and I know everything" vibe when inside I'm more like "I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about!"

Generally speaking, I am a fairly smart person. I have tons of common sense which is where really hating stupidity comes in. I knew I'd never run out of things to say about stupid. I am surrounded by it everyday so there will be plenty of posts where I just bitch about the idiots I am related to, work with, or just see on the fucking road.

I am also practically allergic to being wrong. So, basically unless I KNOW I'm right about something, I won't say anything on it at all. I just keep my mouth shut. So please, find comfort in knowing...if I write it, there's truth to it. And if I ever am for some reason wrong, I'll claim it and then somehow turn it around on your ass and make you apologize for it. I'm that good.

If we back track a little, I was in therapy for quite awhile to help get over some realllllly fucked-uped-ness that happened to me. I will touch on that later I'm sure. But at an early age, I learned to either find the humor in it, write about it, or bury that shit so deep that I forgot it happened. So because I am cursed with the memory of a fucking elephant, and a lot of the shit that happened wasn't funny in the least bit, I wrote.

Then, when I began therapy in my early 20's, she suggested writing as well we are. I am taking it a step further and sharing this crazy shit with you. As we progress, I would love for you to comment and participate. I am open to where this may lead. Just know, if you're a troll and super negative over stupid shit, I will delete you. Otherwise, I welcome constructive criticism.

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