Friday, October 13, 2017

Women's Rights My Ass

So I'm a working mom and wife, right? That's normal thing these days. Lots of moms work full time then come home and work another full time job keeping their kids alive and their house livable. Well, I set my goals pretty high when it comes to that. I really really prefer a clean house and a kid that eats healthy, doesn't watch TOO much tv, and gets to bed at a reasonable time. Between the job, the house, and the kid my energy level is zilch.

Sounds ok, right? Nah. Because I'm leaving out the hubby. Now, he truly doesn't ask for too much. He's a great guy. He works. He takes showers. He eats what I cook without a complaint. He will changes some diapers every now and again without a hitch. He loves us both and trust me, if anyone were to cheat, it definitely wouldn't be him. He's as loyal as a lab.

Even with all that said, I still have zero interest in doing my sexy-time wifey-duty. Like, I'm tired y'all. I won't even go as far as to say "I have a headache." I made that mistake already and he came at me with that article that says studies show that sex can help headaches. Let me tell you something real quick...a MAN wrote that damn article. Not just any man. A horny man with a wife that had lots of headaches conducted that study and wrote that article.


And while I'm griping about people, let me say this. I'm all for women going out in the world and making there way, their own money, and being something more than Susie homemaker. But you also kinda ruined it for the rest of us. You made it to where we pretty much HAVE to get out there and work now instead of staying home and taking care of shit. So screw you. Some of us would just like to have that clean house, healthy smart kid AND satisfied husband without ALSO working somewhere else 40+ hours a week.

Crazy huh?!?

This evening, my back was killing me because I sit in an office chair all day and truly only get up to go pee for like nine and a half hours. I even eat my lunch at my desk (when I eat) therefore I don't move near enough. So I come home, my kid is wild as hell. Like, crazy wild to only be 1!!! I'm trying to figure out dinner, hold and play with her because she's missed me all day (because I have to work in the real world), clean up the mess that was already left in the kitchen from my mom/babysitter, and juggle all this other stuff, right.

Hubby gets home from work and has the luxury of going straight to shower. (I have to sneak to do that.) He shaved. Guess what that means on a Friday night? He thinks he's gonna get some. Guess what?! I DIDNT SHAVE! And mine is what matters the most :-D

So he's being all extra lovey and I'm in no damn mood so I get the babe to sleep and hide in the tub watching Hulu on my phone because this is truly the only way I ever get to watch any tv. Anyways, I watch an episode of "This is Us." (I'm trying to catch up so don't tell me anything.) I finally get out, I'm in a better mood, I think, "hey, I'm gonna relax a bit. Actually sit down for a few minutes before crashing." Five minutes in the hubby is like, "will you rub my back?" Mind you just last night he got a back rub and convinced me to rub his nasty ass feet down with oil. Who does he think he is exactly? The Queen of fucking Sheba? And heaven forbid I say something along the lines of, "you never let me fucking just sit down. The only way I can is to hide in the fucking tub or on the toilet. I mean SHIT!"

He's now in the bed and I'm in the couch for now typing this shit on my fucking teeny tiny phone because all we have is a desktop and I DONT WANT TO SIT IN A DESK CHAIR ANY MORE TODAY."

When I know he's good and asleep, I'll go to bed too. Until then...Facebook it is.


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